Electronic tracking & data management system for surgical instruments.

RFID or scanner tracking for tray sets, electronic count sheet & IUSS / sterilization data management.

Electronic tracking for endoscopes fully integrates with reprocessing equipment data feeds.

Fully automated sterilization data capture and management in SPD and OR.

RFID or scanner tracking of mobile equipment assets.

  • Individual instruments are visible & traceable throughout hospital
  • Permanent marking technology
  • System guides / trains technicians
  • No more hours wasted looking for instruments
  • Process more trays with 100% accuracy
  • Automatically creates & manages count sheets
  • Interfaces with any OR scheduler
  • Audio & visual alerts for reprocessing or sterilization errors as well as preventive maintenance schedules
  • Real time location & case tracking including loaners
  • Capture leak test & disinfection process data
  • 3 identification options:  marking, serial numbers and tags
  • Optimize useful life & eliminate ruined equipment
  • Bar code scans or drop down lists create records for trays or peel packs
  • Reduces OR based sterilization & eliminates manual records
  • Complete record for audits & root cause analysis
  • Full record detail including maintenance, ownership, manufacture information, acquisition date, current location, etc.
  • RFID technology available for real-time location tracking
  • Track repair & preventive maintenance

Create the Foundation for Patient Safety in the Operating Room

graphic: closeup of surgeon’s hand, instrument with instrument tracking system utilizedThe Censitrac® end-to-end tracking and workflow system guides technicians through proper sterilization procedures; tracks the location, usage and maintenance of every instrument and mobile asset; and can interface with OR schedulers to make sure your surgeons have the right instruments when they need them. With Censitrac® the reprocessing data and procedure case history for every instrument and endoscope is readily available for root cause analysis. Suddenly OR efficiency and infection control are perfectly aligned, and you’re on the path to improved patient safety.
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Better Human and Asset Management with Scalable Surgical Instrument Tracking Systems from Censis®

From the surgeon to the OR nurse, to the technicians in the SPD, surgical instrument reprocessing is a team effort. Implementing Censitrac® creates synergy among these workflow teams which produces improved patient safety and optimized efficiency.

Censitrac® - The Starting Point for Zero Surgical Site Infections. Learn more about Censis® Instrument Tracking Systems>>


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