In 2002, Censis Technologies launched CensiTrac; the first surgical instrument tracking system in the industry capable of tracking to the instrument-level. Today, CensiTrac has evolved beyond just electronic count sheets, surgical instrument tracking, and paperless record keeping to a comprehensive surgical asset management solution. In an environment with continuous technological and regulatory advancement, the Software as a Service (SaaS) approach allows Censis to deliver software enhancements without burdening our customer with the need to purchase and install updated software versions.

Being a company 100% focused on the development and improvement of surgical instrument tracking technology has allowed us to expand the functionality of CensiTrac, now providing innovative ways to address regulatory changes, process efficiency, and department transparency. Recent advancements now allow CensiTrac to read GS1 compliant barcode formats, and interface to RFID/RTLS solutions.

surgical instrument tracking


CensiTrac gives Central Sterile Supply Department staff and managers tools to streamline workflow and give the OR team full visibility.

  • Never wonder if a high-priority instrument set is stuck behind a tray that can wait. A seamless OR scheduler interface makes it possible to prioritize instrument set reprocessing.
  • Missing something? Visibility to unreturned instruments and surgical trays is easy, quick, and intuitive. You’ll know where instruments and surgical trays are located, and where they are in the sterilization queue.
  • Direct access to facility, tray, and instrument-specific cleaning instructions where you most need them. Plus, CensiTrac’s interface to washer systems provides the fastest and easiest way to capture and interpret washer data.
  • Never lose track of your loaner instruments. CensiTrac’s loaner module means both Central Sterile Supply Department and the OR know if assets have arrived on time for upcoming cases, and where they are in the reprocessing loop.

Tray Assembly

Censis knows that Tray Assembly is more than just count sheets, it’s the heart of your perioperative loop. With CensiTrac, your Central Sterile Supply Department team will enjoy features that make their job much more intuitive, that no other surgical instrument tracking system can touch.

  • Never scramble to find or decode complex tray assemblies. CensiTrac’s intuitive container assembly gives users key details like approved substitutes, critical items, and special instructions.
  • Competency verification and tracking at a glance. CensiTrac contains competency verification logic confirming that team members are properly trained to handle and prepare all equipment.
  • Urgent trays move to the front of the line. CensiTrac’s OR Scheduler interface assists in prioritizing container assembly order.
  • Don’t spend more than you need. CensiTrac’s intelligent maintenance system saves you money by ensuring you only maintain items based on use, not on arbitrary schedules.
surgical instrument tracking
surgical instrument tracking

Sterilization Room

Proper sterilization and load preparation are critical to ensure maximum patient safety. With thousands of instruments in your inventory and multiple ways to sterilize them, you need more than just paperless records to manage it all. 

  • Always see the big picture. Competency management logic ensures each team member has proper knowledge of processing sterilization loads and BI results.
  • Never doubt your instruments and equipment. Superior recall capabilities provide you with confidence that your facility’s instruments are properly sterilized and safe for use.
  • Have the knowledge to improve. Advanced reporting analytics gives management actionable intelligence to support the department workflow efficiency.

Case Cart Assembly

In a busy OR environment, getting the right assets to the OR as quickly as possible is crucial to your facility’s success. Once assets arrive in storage, CensiTrac is designed to accurately and efficiently get them to the OR on time.

  • Eliminate time wasted searching for assets. CensiTrac’s unique inventory management capability reduces the time your staff spends searching for peel packs, containers, and building case carts by more than 30%.
  • Guarantee that the next case cart assembled is the next one that’s needed. The OR scheduler interface not only creates case-specific picklists streamlining case cart assembly but it also automatically prioritizes them based on upcoming surgeries.
  • Keep everyone on the same page. Complete visibility to inventory throughout your facility is essential to both the Central Sterile and OR departments. Using CensiTrac in storage and case cart assembly gives you complete transparency while maximizing efficiency.
surgical instrument tracking
surgical instrument tracking

Operating Room

CensiTrac provides complete reprocessing transparency to the Operating Room team, minimizes delays to case start times due to inventory issues, and empowers them to manage the active surgical inventory tied to each individual patient case. With CensiTrac, your OR team has multiple ways to improve efficiency and enhance patient safety.

  • Always know if a tray is available. Visibility to case/tray status improves OR efficiency and start times.
  • Raise red flags if there are issues. CensiTrac gives Central Sterile Supply Department and OR teams a means for providing feedback when instruments and sets have issues.
  • Surgical instrument tracking to track instruments down to the patient, case, and tray. Complete patient traceability for every surgical asset by tying each instrument to each tray over the life of the inventory.

Product Timeline

CensiTrac Launched
Instant Message
Multi-facility Logic

Multi-site asset visibility supporting large and small IDNs

Sterilizer Interface
CensiMark Launched
OR Scheduling Interfaces

Complete asset visibility to support start time accuracy

Loaner Module
Exception Reporting Added to Reporting Module
oneSourceTM interface
Department Productivity Analytics

Combine baseline data with live analytics empowering managers to capitalize on high performing team members

Washer & Biological Indicator Interface
Dedicated Competency Module

A complete solution that allows departments to manage all user competencies and training

Loaner Image Capture

How CensiTrac Can Help Your Facility

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