Storage and Case Cart Assembly

Once assets arrive in storage, CensiTrac is designed to improve Operating Room efficiency and accuracy. 

Eliminate time wasted searching for assets

CensiTrac’s inventory management capability reduces the time it takes to build case carts by as much as 30%

Guarantee the next case cart assembled is the one that’s needed

The OR scheduler interface not only creates case-specific picklists streamlining case cart assembly but also automatically prioritizes them based on the upcoming surgery schedule

Keep everyone on the same page

CensiTrac allows staff to see the status and location of assets throughout the reprocessing loop

Boost Efficiency And Accuracy

With CensiTrac’s OR Schedule Interface, we’ve seen case cart assembly time improve more than 30%. This productivity boost is made possible by electronic picklists and asset location visibility, that guides the user through the case cart build efficiently.

Your Reprocessing Watchdog

As an added safety measure, technicians receive alerts if a scanned item misses a step in the reprocessing flow or is recalled, ensuring only properly decontaminated, assembled, and sterilized instruments make it to the OR. With a few clicks, you are able to see the entire reprocessing history of trays and instruments as they moved through the sterile processing loop.

Proactive Recall Management

  • See a list of every instrument that went through the failed sterilizer load, with their current location, all the way back to the last negative biological indicator result
  • Asset location intelligence proactively warns users when they scan a recalled asset so it can immediately be sent back to Decontamination

Understand Every Level of Detail

CensiTrac’s library of real-time reports, plus a robust custom reports engine, lets you go as broad or as deep as you need to understand what’s happening in your facility.

CensiTrac takes the data captured from various scan points and combines it with data gathered at other points in the sterile processing loop to create actionable intelligence for management.

Reports like throughput, processing flow times, and inventory location empower managers to optimize the workflow of their department.

How CensiTrac Can Help Your Facility