Getting surgical loaner sets to the OR on time is critical to patient safety, OR efficiency, and cost control. With so many moving parts to manage, the key to success is having control and visibility over all aspects of the process; from when the case is scheduled, all the way through vendor pickup.

LoanerLink provides the functionality and data capture you need to:

  • Manage communication between the vendor and the hospital about a case
  • Staff appropriately for upcoming reprocessing workload levels
  • Automate order creation from OR Schedule Interface
  • Gain at-a-glance visibility into key analytics
  • Automate email and/or text message notifications for new orders, vendor confirmations, delivery and pickup confirmations, late delivery and pickup notices
  • Provide tray status transparency for both CSSD and OR
  • Enforce vendor check-in/check-out policy compliance, and establish vendor ratings
  • Integrate seamlessly to CensiTrac, eliminating the need for OR and CSSD staff to access two different systems to get the information they need

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Get the Data You Need to Make Proactive Decisions

A critical value of automated asset management solutions is the ability to gain actionable intelligence from your system data. LoanerLink is no exception, offering at a glance to key analytics. Having easy access to these type of reports and data gives your department the information needed to staff appropriately, ensure sets are delivered to the OR on time and enforce vendor check-in/check-out policy compliance.

loaner surgical instruments
loaner surgical instruments

What is LoanerLink?

Our LoanerLink solution is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that can be:

  • A stand-alone solution for facilities that only need to automate the pre-check-in steps and pickup process
  • Add-on functionality to the CensiTrac Surgical Asset Management System to provide comprehensive, end-to-end loaner management
loaner surgical instruments

Get end-to-end loaner management when combined with CensiTrac

  • Seamless integration between solutions and the facility’s OR Scheduler
  • One source of truth for tray status information for both CSSD and OR throughout the entire loaner pathway
loaner surgical instruments

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