Here at Censis Technologies, we have committed ourselves to providing our customers with the most up-to-date and accurate information when it comes to surgical instrument management. We entered 2017 by setting new goals to collect key information about topics like evolving compliance regulations, cost-saving opportunities, and ways to improve reporting.

With the goal of sharing information from industry experts to help you and your facility succeed, we published 20 new blogs this year. As we enter 2018, we are looking forward to continuing to research new topics and expand on the information that we collect to provide you with the most relevant content. In case you may have missed any of our blog posts, we’ve put together a list of the topics that we covered during this past year.

Maximizing the Benefits of Automation
Cost Saving Opportunities with Surgical Asset Management
The Most Critical Step in Preparing for Asset Management Automation
3 Tips for an Easy Transition from a Manual to an Automated System
Why You Need Automation
Instrument Tracking Scan Points: Part 1
Instrument Tracking Scan Points: Part 2

Getting the Most Out of Your Analytics
Putting Your Data to Work for You: Out-of-Sequence Warning Report
8 Asset Management Reports Your System Should Send You

Regulatory Guidelines and Updates
Staying On Top of Staff Competencies
How to Reduce SPD Non-Compliance Rates
How to Stay Compliant with Unique Device Identification
What New in AAMI ST79:2017? 

CSSD General Topics
Focus on Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
3 Surgical Attire Mistakes to Avoid
Is Your CSSD Terminally Clean?
Improve the Quality of Surgical Instrument Set Assembly in CSSD
Obstacles Facing Loaner Set Management
Client Services Looks Back at CtUC 2017
6 Common Conflicts Between CSSD and OR Teams

The Cost of Staying Manual

Leading Your Team to Excellence

What does it mean to be competent in your specific area of practice?

  • AAMI. Annex I: Development of a prepurchase evaluation protocol for rigid sterilization container systems.
  • All You Need to Know About Rigid Sterilization Containers.
  • Don’t Get Weighed Down by Instrument Sets That Are Too Heavy.
  • V.Mueller Genesis™ Reusable Rigid Sterilization Container System Operator’s Manual. file:///C:/Users/swailsk/Downloads/SU_Genesis-Container-Operator-Manual_UG_EN.pdf

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