With the launch of a new and interactive website, the release of nine eBooks, and a full year of monthly blog posts and live webinars, 2016 was an exciting year for Censis Technologies in terms of expanding our commitment to the surgical asset management specialty area. Our goal has been to gather and relay information on important topics in the sterile processing field that support regulatory compliance, a strong team environment, and overall process efficiency. Since we established the Common Censis Blog in September 2015, Censis has posted 27 quick-read, researched articles on a range of subjects such as CSSD leadership concepts, loaner set and endoscope management, regulatory agency guidelines and updates, maximizing the benefits of automation and analytics, as well as other general CSSD topics. In case you missed some of our posts, below is a list of our past topics. 

CSSD Leadership Concepts

Loaner Set & Endoscope Management

Regulatory Agency Guidelines and Updates

Maximizing the Benefits of Automation and Analytics

CSSD General Topics

As we continue to work toward delivering relevant information to our current and prospective customers we welcome your input. Let us know (contact us)  what topics are important to you so we can continue to provide helpful material.

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How to Develop a Collaborative Team

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