Are you continually tracking down your loaner sets? Is there a constant miscommunication between your vendors and hospital facilities?

Depending on the loaner set process you have in place (manual, hybrid, or automated), visibility can be limited. Managing a loaner set’s journey with a manual or hybrid process often results in vendor/hospital miscommunication, delayed tray arrivals, and/or misplaced instruments.

Because these issues have come up time and time again, we thought, how can we help you solve these issues? We do this by providing complete visibility through the entire loaner set process. Although we may be biased, we believe we created the best loaner management solution in the industry to do just that. We call this solution, LoanerLink.

Let’s explore the importance and benefits of complete visibility and how LoanerLink helps you work smarter not harder.

Complete Visibility 

LoanerLink can be used as a stand-alone solution for facilities to automate the pre-check-in steps and pickup process. But, when it’s combined with the power of our instrument tracking solution, CensiTrac, LoanerLink provides complete visibility as an end-to-end loaner management system. Check out some of the benefits:

  • Save time: You’ll receive alerts when trays are not where they are supposed to be, which allows you to automate emails and/or text message notifications as orders are created and updated. All in all, this eliminates tedious and time-consuming tasks.
  • Reduce risk of error: You can track the current location and status of all loaner trays, which reduces the risk of tray misplacements and ensures the instruments have made it through reprocessing.
  • Clear communication: You can easily manage all communication between the vendor and the hospital to make sure your loaner trays required for surgery are ordered and delivered on time.

Simple Integration 

As mentioned before, LoanerLink seamlessly integrates to CensiTrac, eliminating the need for OR and CSSD staff to access two different systems. But what does this mean? We recently interviewed one of our customers to see how CensiTrac + LoanerLink have impacted their daily workflow and the results are remarkable.

What was life like before LoanerLink? 

“Prior to LoanerLink, we had a set staffing schedule. Our staff would come in and show up for work. We would have our team lead check the OR schedule to see what cases we’re going to need such as specials or vendor trays for the next day. They would then call the rep and say, “Hey, am I expecting two trays or twenty?” And the rep would hopefully give them an answer, but it was all verbal. Hopefully, the lead would write some of it down and not forget.”

 What’s it been like after implementing LoanerLink? 

“We now have a notification process that’s automatic based on what gets scheduled. The rep automatically gets notified of their case instead of SPD, the surgeon’s office, or the OR tech having to call them. And then the rep can respond with actual tray names. So…we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, how many loaner trays we’re getting per campus today, tomorrow, or the next day when they’re due.”

How is the notification system helpful? 

“Typically, when the rep was bringing in trays, without notification, they would drop off a sheet of paper with, chicken scratch tray names on it. This frequently led to incorrect names on the outside of the tray. Now the rep gets to put those names in for us, so it made it easier on SPD staff.”

With the right system and tools in place, you can sit back and watch your loaner set management run itself while having complete visibility to the entire process. To gain more in-depth knowledge about what this could mean for your facility, check out our eBook, Navigating Your Way to Successful Loaner Set Management.


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