Have you heard our exciting news? Just a few days ago Randy Smith, Censis President and CEO, announced our acquisition of Applied Logic, the St. Louis based provider of surgical tracking software.

It’s an exciting time here at Censis, and we’re looking forward to the future with great anticipation for all that the acquisition will provide for both our network of customers and our entire company.

Censis History

From the very beginning, we have been striving to provide the most advanced and intelligent surgical asset tracking and management solutions for medical facilities throughout North America. Coupled with the industry’s most thoughtful and attentive customer service, our goal was to use our market leader status to equip our customers with the tools and knowledge they needed to elevate their patient care, create transparency throughout all of their processes, and increase regulatory compliance—-all efforts that can boost facility ROI. And we did just that. But in the process of helping these facilities, we kept thinking, what if we could do more?

That’s what makes this acquisition of Applied Logic so special: With Applied Logic products added to our solution portfolio, we’re able to move Censis from a market leader position to the dominant industry leader. This new position gives us the chance to partner with both our existing and new facilities to help them achieve even greater success in streamlining operations and saving on their bottom line.

Together with Applied Logic, Censis will now serve more than 1,300 facilities.

The Next Chapter of Censis

In light of all this news, you might be wondering…what does this mean for me?

First of all, if you’re currently utilizing a Censis or Applied Logic solution, everything will remain business as usual for you and your entire team. For example, if you’re an Applied Logic customer who currently uses the flagship product of the company, Maestro ABACUS Technology, you will still be able to use the product seamlessly. You won’t experience any interruption to your service, and the day-to-day interactions that you typically have with your solutions will continue for the foreseeable future. Even your support phone number will stay the same.

Additionally, if you’re an Applied Logic customer, the only change that you can anticipate is that you now get the added benefit of integrating Censis solutions like LoanerLink and ScopeTrac into your solution mix—all at your and your team’s discretion.

Throughout the next few months, we’ll begin blending the two companies and staking out a plan for how best to move forward in serving each Censis and Applied Logic customer to the best of our ability. Our goal in this acquisition takes the strengths of both companies and work together to enhance each product as we figure out the best way to merge our solutions. Along the way, we want to keep you up to date so you know what’s being planned as well as what you can expect in the future as a customer. If you haven’t yet, sign up for our monthly updates, and we’ll notify you when any new plans or developments related to the acquisition are announced.

For more thoughts on the acquisition from our senior leadership team, check out the press release detailing the announcement. If you’re a current customer from either Censis or Applied Logic and you have other specific questions regarding your account, please email or call your account manager.


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