Trays are an integral part of any medical facility. Making sure you have the right tray and trace software in place to manage them equips you to know every tray’s status, location, and history at all times. 

What Is Tray and Trace Software? 

Tray and trace software, such as our CensiTrac tool, lets you trace your trays throughout their entire life cycles so that you always know where each tray is, which patients it has come in contact with, and when it’s needed for a new case. Software like this also streamlines and improves workflow in the SPD. Here’s how:

Software Saves Time and Increases Accuracy 

Software that automates tray tracking often comes with electronic count sheets, which make assembly easier for your technicians. Sometimes, that software provides instant access to images of individual instruments and fully assembled trays in order to provide quick assistance to technicians who might need visual aid during assembly. 

For example, if a tray is assembled with the wrong assets, our tray tracking software, CensiTrac, alerts the technician with visual and audible cues so they know to resolve the issue before moving on. 

Tray and Trace Software Optimizes the Flow of Assets 

Software that tracks your trays sometimes comes with an OR scheduler interface that gives you visibility into that department’s priorities. This lets you change your schedule to prioritize assets for assembly based on real-time OR needs. That way, the SPD can avoid being responsible for stalled cases due to the delayed processing of a priority tray. 

Tracking Software Provides Actionable Insight 

Another great way tray and trace software streamline your workflow is by providing unlimited access to the data behind everything that happens in your SPD. This equips you to make research-backed changes that will increase efficiency and save money. 

For example, CensiTrac provides you with a maintenance schedule that keeps track of all your assets in rotation and alerts you when standard, preventive maintenance is needed. That way you don’t have to lean on arbitrary schedules, and you can save money by avoiding unnecessary excess maintenance or surprise asset replacement costs due to a lack of maintenance. 

Interested in Tray and Trace Software? 

Want to see your own department gain these benefits and improve its workflow? Explore our tool, CensiTrac. Used by over 1,300 hospitals all over the country, CensiTrac gives you full control of your surgical asset tracking and management. Click here to see how it works, starting with decontamination.

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