With all of the data that CensiTrac captures, the reporting options are endless. Occasionally, we find that some of the reports may be underutilized by a facility simply because the report provides information that was not possible to capture in a manual or paper record environment. “Out-of-Sequence Warning” reports are one of the reports that are new to our customers when they make the transition to paperless record keeping. The information contained in this report allows managers to quickly see if any of their assets happen to miss a step in the reprocessing loop.

How the “Out-of-Sequence Warning” report works:

So often, Central Sterile Supply Departments (CSSDs) depend on teamwork. Technicians may be responsible for one or more reprocessing steps. However, technicians do not handle a tray or asset from the decontamination area all the way through to the point of use. CensiTrac has the software logic to ensure every asset or tray goes through every required stage in the reprocessing cycle. CensiTrac is designed to monitor and capture this information in the background and also warn technicians if they scan an item that has missed a step. A summary of this information is available in the CensiTrac Reporting Suite. Below is the type of data that is available to system managers and supervisors:

paperless record keeping

If you are a CensiTrac user and haven’t pulled this report yet, it may be worth your time to take a quick peak. If you are planning to transition to paperless record keeping and electronic data capture, this is only one of the many reporting capabilities you will have at your fingertips after implementation. It’s truly remarkable what you can learn from your own data with software automation. We plan to highlight other reporting options in upcoming blogs this year.

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