With busy schedules and demanding work loads all vying for your attention, it can be difficult to find time to invest in continuing education. But did you know that continuing education, no matter your level of expertise, has the potential to improve overall patient outcomes?

Additionally, when facilities place emphasis on continuing education in every department, they see increased and improved knowledge of people at all levels, resulting in a stronger team and a more robust and positive reputation in the industry.

So when’s the last time that you invested in continuing education?

The benefits are clear, so as you prepare to continue your education, here are a few things to consider:

Continuing education requirements are different for each accrediting organization, i.e, IAHCSMM, CSPD, AORN, SGNA

Before you enroll in a course or sign up for a workshop, figure out the specific requirements that the accrediting organization of your profession recommends. Keep in mind that different levels of certification require different levels of experience and number of CE credits.

Continuing education keeps you in the know with new products in the industry.

Because manufacturers are always releasing new and updated products, you will always have new manufacturer’s instructions for use to interpret and follow. Continuing education courses can help you stay up to date on industry recommendations and standards on new products so that your facility is never out of compliance.

You can gain more from continuing education than just CEs.

The knowledge that you can gather through courses, workshops, seminars, etc. can help equip your entire department to offer advancements in care, improving the overall patient experience at your facility.

Continuing education doesn’t have to drain your wallet or your department’s budget.

In fact, many educational materials and courses don’t cost anything as most vendors provide programs with CE credits free of charge. Ask your manager to provide a list of vendors that you can reach out to for continuing education opportunities that won’t put a financial strain on you or your department.

As you get started with continuing education, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Ultimately, everyone in the healthcare community has the same goal—patient safety—and investing in continuing education is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you’re offering the highest level of safety possible to every patient that walks through your doors.

Here at Censis, our entire team is passionate about continuing education. That’s why we offer quarterly CensiTrac Essentials for Managers (CEM) courses for all of our clients. This course is designed for managers and administrative leads using CensiTrac in your facility. We also offer an annual users conference each fall, which you can earn up to 16 CEs just for attending. To see how you can take advantage of these learning opportunities, reach out to your Censis Client Manager.

Author: Jill Loring, CSPDT

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