unique device identification

CensiMark is the industry’s most comprehensive asset marking solution, offering laser, electrochemical, and mechanical marking services for tracking surgical instruments. Our unique offering eliminates the need for any other marking vendors, as our expertise and flexibility allow us to meet specific facility needs in the most efficient manner.

CensiMark is the preferred marking method for nearly 450 facilities nationwide.

Mark your surgical instruments with unique device identification to unlock your department’s ability to handle: 

  • Faster tray turnaround times to increase OR efficiency
  • Complicated tray sets needing to be reprocessed
  • Scope of regulatory requirements constantly expanding
  • Staff competencies becoming more complex
  • Visibility for all perioperative stakeholders dependent on timely reprocessing

million instruments marked


The Benefits of CensiMark

By offering a range of different identification processes, we can ensure that CensiMark will meet your facility’s specific asset marking needs. Our unique ability to combine ECM, laser and mechanical marking allows us to mark the widest range of materials and instrument patterns for tracking surgical instruments.


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Over 3 Million Instruments Marked

We've Marked 3.7 Million Surgical Assets

Censis is a solutions provider. We can ensure that CensiMark will meet your facility’s specific asset marking needs because of our unique ability to combine the power of ECM, laser, and mechanical marking.

By offering marking services as well as the training and hardware needed for facilities to mark their own assets, CensiMark is a turnkey marking solution that can be implemented immediately with minimal disruption to a facility’s daily workflow. Backed by a team of industry experts, CensiMark will allow you to harness the power of CensiTrac with the industry’s most comprehensive marking solution. 

Tracking Surgical Instruments To Improve Tray Accuracy

It is not unusual for surgical assets to “migrate” from tray to tray as they move through the reprocessing loop. The use of electronic count sheets helps with documentation and provides easy access to assembly instructions, and acceptable substitutions, but adding the ability to “scan” assets during the assembly process can dramatically impact tray accuracy and technician efficiency. The combination of the CensiTrac software with the CensiMark solution helps to ensure instrument sets have the precise instrument type and quantities required for a specific configuration by alerting the user if items do not belong or if the quantity has been met.

unique device identification
unique device identification

Impact on Lost or Missing Assets

Using the CensiMark solution to mark and identify surgical assets means that the last scanned location of every individual marked asset, (including but not limited to instruments, peel packs, and endoscopes) is tracked.  Having individual asset location information in just a few clicks enables facilities to find assets, or determine when assets have gone missing in a much more efficient and effective manner.

Impact on Maintenance and Repair Costs

It makes sense that it is more cost effective to send instrumentation out for maintenance based on number of uses, rather than sending items out on a schedule, whether maintenance is due or not.  Combining the CensiMark solution with the CensiTrac system allows the software to track the number of times an individual instrument goes through the reprocessing loop.  By alerting staff assembling trays when maintenance is due on an individual asset based on actual usage, facilities are able to reduce annual maintenance costs.

unique device identification
unique device identification

Link Specific Instruments to a Patient Case

Instrument-level tracking is the only way to truly track every single instrument to each patient and get the biggest return on investment from your tracking solution. That's why instruments marked with unique device identification directly impact patient safety and positive patient outcomes because they are the key to enabling instrument-level tracking. Without marked instruments, instrument-level tracking is impossible.

CensiMark Professional Service

Censis Technologies offers a unique, on-site, comprehensive marking service to assist facilities implementing instrument-level surgical asset management automation.  The objective of this service is to:

  • Еxpedite the marking process while minimizing workflow disruptions
  • Facilitate the startup of instrument-level asset management automation
  • Accelerate inventory identification and valuation
unique device identification

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