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unique device identification

CensiMark™ is the industry’s most comprehensive asset marking solution, offering laser, electrochemical, and mechanical marking services. Our unique offering eliminates the need for any other marking vendors, as our expertise and flexibility allow us to meet specific facility needs in the most efficient manner.

CensiMark is the preferred marking method for nearly 450 facilities nationwide.

Mark your surgical instruments with unique device identification to unlock your department’s ability to handle: 

  • Track every instrument to each patient

  • Directly impact patient safety and positive patient outcomes

  • Know which specific instruments were involved in each case

  • See sterilization and maintenance history of each instrument

  • Get the biggest return on investment from your tracking solution

instruments marked

instruments traced

The Benefits of CensiMark™

By offering a range of different identification processes, we can ensure that CensiMark will meet your facility’s specific asset marking needs. Our unique ability to combine ECM, laser and mechanical marking allows us to mark the widest range of materials and instrument patterns.


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Electrochemical Marking
Laser Marking
FDA Accession Number for Laser
Mechanical Marking
On-Site Marking of Inventory
Instruments Loaded into Your Server
Descriptions to Your Standard (optional)
On-Site Training
Over 1.9 Million Instruments Marked

We've Marked 1.9 Million Surgical Assets

Censis is a solutions provider. We can ensure that CensiMark will meet your facility’s specific asset marking needs because of our unique ability to combine the power of ECM, laser, and mechanical marking.

By offering marking services as well as the training and hardware needed for facilities to mark their own assets, CensiMark is a turnkey marking solution that can be implemented immediately with minimal disruption to a facility’s daily workflow. Backed by a team of industry experts, CensiMark will allow you to harness the power of CensiTrac with the industry’s most comprehensive marking solution. 

Marking Solutions

Marking solutions to meet your needs including:

  • Laser Marking
  • Electrochemical (ECM) Marking
  • Mechanical Marking
unique device identification
unique device identification


Your instruments will be marked and commissioned into your system so they are traceable and ready for use in no time.

Data Optimization

Our data optimization service standardizes vendors, catalog numbers, and substitutes in your system. This increases your consistency, productivity, safety, and accuracy when making sure instruments and sets are ready for the O.R.

unique device identification
unique device identification

Project Management

A team of specialists will manage your marking project to make sure your assets are marked, commissioned and back in service when you need them.

CensiMark™ Professional Service

Censis Technologies offers a unique, on-site, comprehensive marking service to assist facilities in implementing instrument-level surgical asset management automation.  The objective of this service is to:

  • Еxpedite the marking process while minimizing workflow disruptions
  • Facilitate the startup of instrument-level asset management automation
  • Accelerate inventory identification and valuation
  • Our best in class customer service team will be there to answer questions whenever you need.
unique device identification

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