What method are you using (or thinking about using) for surgical instrument marking in your facility? Each instrument is different: different sizes and materials. At Censis, we match the marking meth...

With all the challenges and disruptions that 2020 introduced to both personal and professional life, have you had a chance to check continuing education off of your to-do list?...

Every year, International Sterile Processing Week rolls around (this year on October 11–17), and SPD professionals get a much-needed round of applause for the work they do all year to keep patients sa...

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sterile processing

5 Common Decontamination Mistakes

Failure to follow the appropriate sterile processing standards results in infections, so we put together a list of the five ...
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scope management

Scope Management: Gut Check for Scope Reprocessing

Let’s be honest, if you’re in the scope management and reprocessing industry, how excited are you about the prospect of ...
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instrument tracking

Making Your Data Work for You

Dashboards have become a staple for executives and managers in the past decade. Since all business and services are not ...
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instrument tracking

Instrument Tracking: Best Practice or Sales Hype?

We all know the AAMI standard for running Biological Indicators…”weekly, preferably daily (every day the sterilizer is in use) and ...
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unique device identification

Unique Device Identification FAQ

Unique device identification regulation has many facilities and teams asking questions about how to respond to the release, what steps ...
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3 Essential SPD Training Strategies

Valuable recommendations to help keep your non-compliance rates down.

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