Decontamination of Surgical Instruments | Censis Technologies

Manage the decontamination of surgical instruments and assets quickly and accurately

    • Seamless OR scheduler interface prioritizes assets for reprocessing
    • Visibility to unreturned instruments and surgical trays
    • Direct access to facility-specific cleaning instructions
    • Integration with washers for easier management and documentation of load processing
decontamination of surgical instruments

Identify High-Priority Trays Quickly

CensiTrac’s OR scheduler interface provides the decontamination team in the SPD with visibility to the upcoming case schedule and surgical asset needs. With this information, technicians are able to identify the highest priority trays and reprocess those first.

Plus, if the available inventory can’t meet the instrument sets needed for the OR’s schedule, technicians can alert management through CensiTrac to avoid case delays.

Start with Your Best Foot Forward

CensiTrac helps you support your technicians with every step they take through the decontamination of surgical instruments.

Support users in caring for and optimizing inventory
  • Quick access to case cart contents
  • Ability to display any special cleaning instructions as assets are
  • Visibility to prioritized trays as items are received
Give your team a voice with the Quality Feedback module
  • Technicians can make comments, upload pictures, and provide feedback on needs and issues
  • Run reports to gather data on where improvements and changes are needed
  • Improve the quality of work by considering each technician’s feedback
decontamination of surgical instruments
decontamination of surgical instruments

Understand Every Level of Detail

The only way to truly understand your department is to rely on data. Whether you’re pulling decontamination reports to check processing flow times, or you’re looking at the OR scheduler to check which instruments are needed for tomorrow’s procedures, your ability to pull and interpret data is only limited by your imagination. Sample reports and data you can gather through CensiTrac include:


  • Container — Utilization Rates
  • Container — Average Assembly Times
  • Sterilization — Sterilizer Load Summary
  • Equipment — Maintenance Due
  • Employee — Productivity
  • General — Competency Warning Log

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