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Increase OR Efficiency with Transparency

CensiTrac keeps OR teams informed with complete transparency to the SPD so they can avoid case start time delays, better manage the OR schedule, and provide the highest level of care to each patient they treat.

Always know if a tray is available

Improve OR efficiency and start times with real-time visibility to case/tray status

Track instruments down to the patient, case, and tray

Tie each instrument to each tray over the life of the inventory for complete patient traceability

Give kudos or raise red flags

Facilitate healthy dialogue and feedback between the OR and SPD to promote a team atmosphere

OR efficiency

Get Your Assets on Time

The OR scheduler interface keeps both the SPD and OR teams updated to future container needs with color-coded prioritization that provides at-a-glance information about upcoming cases. CensiTrac’s system logic then assigns already sterile assets to the earliest cases and dirty assets to later cases so that the OR is never left waiting.

Plus, when you need to locate trays or instruments on a STAT basis, CensiTrac’s inventory management system saves time and enhances OR efficiency by identifying the nearest sterile item’s location for quick retrieval.

Link Assets to Specific Cases

As the FDA’s Unique Device Identifier initiative moves forward, linking surgical assets, (instruments, implants, disposables, etc.) to procedures and patients is more important than ever. CensiTrac keeps you protected by tracking past the tray level down to the instrument level. In addition, real-time reports give you instant access to case information, current asset location, individual instrument reporting, and cross-references of other cases the items were used in.

OR efficiency
OR efficiency

Never Worry about Recalls

If the SPD ever issues a recall, you never need to worry whether the instruments you're using are contaminated. Not only does CensiTrac identify all assets for recall and helps SPD manage that entire process, but it also warns team members when a recalled asset is scanned in the OR so it can be sent back to decontamination.

Understand Every Level of Detail

Data helps you stay informed so you can understand exactly what’s happening in your facility. In the OR, CensiTrac takes the data captured from various scan points and combines it with data gathered at other points in the sterile processing loop to show management exactly where OR efficiency can be increased.  

OR efficiency

Equip Your Team

Decontamination is has the power to make or break your SPD. By properly managing the decontamination of surgical instruments and assets through an automated tool like CensiTrac, you can set up the rest of your department for success. Want to see exactly how CensiTrac could work in your facility?