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Streamline Your Sterilization Process

With thousands of instruments and multiple ways to sterilize them, you need more than just paperless records to manage the complete and proper sterilization of surgical instruments in your facility.

Gain confidence in your technicians

Competency management logic ensures technicians have proper knowledge of processing sterilization loads and BI results before CensiTrac allows them to access those tasks.

Never doubt your instruments and equipment

Superior recall capabilities ensure that your facility’s instruments are properly sterilized and safe for use to protect your patients from infection.

Get the knowledge to improve

Advanced reporting analytics provide actionable intelligence that management can use to optimize the department workflow efficiency.

sterilization of surgical instruments

Put the Right People in the Right Roles

With competency verification logic, CensiTrac gives managers the ability to block technicians from accessing certain workflows if they don’t meet the right competency requirements. This protects your department from encountering possible errors in workflow duties like sterilizer operation, biological indicator processes, and other competency-dependent procedures by preventing under-qualified technicians from even accessing those tasks.

Protect Your Technicians from Mistakes

CensiTrac also gives managers functionality to set up instructions, alerts, and training tips for each tray within the solution. These instructions then aid technicians with both visual and audible messages as they work through the sterilization of surgical instruments.

Some of the messages that can be set up in CensiTrac to aid technicians include:

  • Visual and audible alerts to notify technicians of mismatches between items placed in a load and the chosen sterilization method
  • Visual prompts for technicians to include biological indicators in loads
  • Alerts to remind technicians when it’s time for periodic sterilizer testing
sterilization of surgical instruments
sterilization of surgical instruments

Respond Quickly to Sterilization Recalls

Patient safety is paramount, so if a tray or instruments need to be recalled, CensiTrac helps you do so in just a few clicks.

CensiTrac makes recall management easier with reports providing load details at the tray or instrument-level along with the last scanned location of each recalled tray and marked instrument. CensiTrac also alerts anyone who scans recalled trays or instruments, providing your facility with another level of patient safety. With this added level of protection, you never have to worry if you missed an asset or if patients are in danger when you’re managing a recall.

Understand Every Level of Detail

CensiTrac’s library of real-time reports coupled with a robust custom reports engine lets you go as broad or as deep as you need to understand what’s happening during the sterilization of surgical instruments process. Below are just a few of the standard reports in CensiTrac’s library:

  • Container Level by Load
  • Instrument Level by Load
  • Sterilizer Loads
  • Indicator Results Summary
  • Sterilizer Load Summary
  • Sterilizer Status
sterilization of surgical instruments
sterilization of surgical instruments

Utilize Integrations to Save Time

CensiTrac helps alleviate your technicians’ workloads even more by offering key integrations that turn manual tasks into automated ones, saving your team both time and energy.


Automatically capture and store electronic images of the cycle’s tape data to make load documentation easier.

3M™ Auto-Reader

Online, real-time visibility of the incubator wells from any workstation for continuous monitoring of the BI testing process. Every aspect of BI testing can be seen at a glance, including built-in edit features and alerts.

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