Complete Surgical Instrument Tracking and Management

In an industry of nonstop advancement, you need a solution you can count on.

CensiTrac was the first surgical instrument tracking system built to track all the way down to the instrument-level. Today, it has evolved into a comprehensive surgical inventory management solution that goes beyond the status quo of asset tracking to put you in full control of your surgical inventory. See it in action below ↓↓↓

surgical instrument tracking


Streamline SPD workflow with full visibility for the OR

    • Seamless OR scheduler interface to prioritize instrument set reprocessing
    • Quick and intuitive visibility to unreturned instruments and surgical trays
    • Direct access to a specific facility, tray, and instrument cleaning instructions

Tray Assembly

Equip SPD technicians to improve accuracy

  • Intuitive container assembly gives users key details (i.e. approved substitutes, critical items, and special instructions)
  • Competency verification logic confirms whether technicians are properly trained to handle and prepare all equipment
  • Intelligent maintenance system ensures items are maintained based on use to save money from unnecessary maintenance
surgical instrument tracking
surgical instrument tracking

Sterilization Room

Ensure maximum patient safety

    • Competency management logic ensures technicians have proper knowledge of processing sterilization loads and BI results
    • Superior recall capabilities provide confidence that instruments are properly sterilized and safe for use
  • Case Cart Assembly

    Get assets to the OR on time

    • Unique inventory management reduces time spent searching for peel packs and containers or building case carts by more than 30%
    • The OR scheduler interface creates case-specific picklists and automatically prioritizes them based on upcoming surgeries
  • surgical instrument tracking
    surgical instrument tracking

    Operating Room

    Avoid inventory issues that cause case start time delays

    • Visibility to case/tray status ensures accurate case start times to improve OR efficiency
    • SPD and OR teams can provide feedback to each other when instruments and sets have issues
    • Tie each instrument to each tray over the entire lifetime of the inventory for complete patient traceability
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