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Storage and Case Cart Assembly

Whether you’re building case carts or preparing assets for storage, CensiTrac can help you manage and keep track of everything throughout the assembly of surgical instruments.

Assemble case carts in the right order

The OR scheduler interface not only creates case-specific picklists to streamline case cart assembly but it also automatically prioritizes them based on the upcoming surgery schedule.

Eliminate time wasted searching for assets

CensiTrac’s inventory management capability reduces the time it takes to manage the assembly of surgical instruments and build case carts by as much as 30%.

Keep everyone on the same page

CensiTrac keeps both SPD and OR staff informed on the status and location of all surgical assets as they move in and out of storage and through the reprocessing loop.

Rest Assured with a Reprocessing Watchdog

As an added safety measure, technicians receive alerts if a scanned item misses a step in the reprocessing flow or is recalled, ensuring only properly decontaminated, assembled, and sterilized instruments make it to the OR. And, with just a few clicks, you can see the entire reprocessing history of trays and instruments as they moved through the sterile processing loop.

Manage Your Storage Effectively

CensiTrac helps you manage your storage effectively by keeping track of when assets enter storage and how long they sit on the shelf. You’ll never again have to guess at which assets have been stored or where those assets are located.

Understand Every Level of Detail

The assembly of surgical instruments needs to be fast and accurate. With CensiTrac’s robust library of reports, you can access data on throughput, processing flow times, and inventory location to ensure that your current workflows are optimized or to identify areas for improvement.

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