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Customer Support

At Censis Technologies, we believe the true measure of a company's commitment to its customers is how effectively, thoroughly and promptly it responds to its customers' needs. Our expert support team stands ready to answer the simplest of questions, as well as to respond to the most complex of technical issues.

CensiTrac customers are supported by comprehensive implementation, training and support. It is one of our competitive strengths. We strive to ensure our clients always have direct access to the expertise they need to get the best results from their instrument management system. Censis offers a wide variety of implementation and training programs to meet your unique needs and resources.

If you are a Censis customer requiring assistance you can e-mail us at and for immediate help, call toll-free 888-877-3010, option 1, or call 615-468-8000. We will be happy to assist you.

If you are a customer in Australia, call the Australian Help Desk 0408 314 385 or email to