Why Censis

Censis understands that each facility is unique so we designed a process that helps your team make the case for instrument tracking.  After our team completes their walk-through of your facility you will receive three key items to justify the need for a surgical assessment management solution.


  1. Focused plan to help department achieve patient safety, regulatory, and efficiency after moving to instrument tracking
  2. Incorporate industry best practices into everyday workflow
  3. Detailed financial statement with payback period months and ROI

Service At Censis

When picking a partner you should never be afraid of life after the sale.

Hear from a few of our customers about what it is like working with us every day.

Life Before CensiTrac

Ever wonder what surgical asset automation can do for you?

Hear from a few of our customers about what life was like before and after they added CensiTrac to their facility.