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Better Loaner Management Starts Before Check-In

Streamline Your Loaner Process With Surgical Instrument Tracking Software

LoanerLink is a cloud-based, surgical instrument tracking software that gives you the flexibility to manage your loaner process however best suits your facility’s needs and workflow. You can use LoanerLink in one of two ways:


  • A stand-alone solution for facilities that automates the pre-check-in steps and pickup process
  • An add-on functionality to CensiTrac that provides comprehensive, end-to-end loaner management

Take Control of Your Loaner Management Process:

  • Automate order creation from OR scheduler interface
  • Manage communication between the vendor and the hospital about upcoming, current, and past cases
  • Provide tray status transparency for both SPD and OR
  • Staff appropriately to accommodate upcoming reprocessing workload levels
  • Automate email and/or text message notifications for new orders, vendor confirmations, delivery and pickup confirmations, late delivery and pickup notices
  • Enforce vendor check-in/check-out policy compliance

Protect Your Facility with Surgical Instrument Tracking Software

With LoanerLink, you also gain at-a-glance visibility to key analytics covering the entire process of loaner management from set check-in to checkout. Surgical instrument tracking software gives your department the information needed to staff appropriately in order to meet reprocessing demand and ensure sets are delivered to the OR on time to give every patient a positive and safe experience.

loaner surgical instruments
loaner surgical instruments

How It Works for Vendors

LoanerLink doesn’t just help your facility stay on track with loaner surgical instruments; it also keeps your vendors on schedule and in compliance with your facility’s vendor policies. Whenever a new loaner set is needed, LoanerLink not only handles communications with your vendors but it also then sends notifications leading up to the delivery to ensure on-time delivery and pick-up. With LoanerLink, both you and your vendors will stay in the loop on the location of the loaner set throughout the entire perioperative loop.

The Most Powerful Integration

Combine LoanerLink with CensiTrac and your OR scheduler to create a single powerful source of truth. This seamless integration keeps both the SPD and OR teams updated in real-time on tray status information throughout the entire loaner pathway. 

loaner surgical instruments

See the Power of LoanerLink

With LoanerLink by your side, you can say goodbye to a confusing and time-consuming loaner management process. Through the power of automation, you can rest assured knowing that your loaner sets will arrive on time to your facility, be ready when OR needs them, and be picked up promptly.

Want to see exactly how LoanerLink could work in your facility?