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Setting You Up for Success From the Start

It's More Than Just Installing a Program

When choosing surgical asset management solutions, it is important to select a company deep in tradition and focused on you. Censis’ Professional Services team has helped over 1200 hospitals across North America by using effective project management and industry-leading implementation services.

Before one person steps on site at your facility to train your staff it is important to make sure your department is optimized for your new solutions. Our team of Project Managers is able to review your department needs, the solutions and put them together to provide a great final product. Your facility deserves to get the best out of your investment and the Project Management team at Censis focused on that for you.

Your Implementation Experience

Because project plans are customized to your facility or IDN, you can expect the same level of personalization for your implementation plan. A team with more than 80 combined years CSSD and OR experience will arrive and work side by side with you and your team. Our Customer Focused commitment means we have a relentless passion for you as our customer. The Censis way is different and we are proud to offer each customer much more than the list below for each of our implementations.

Consolidate and validate all count sheets

  • Supporting the improved accuracy of tray assembly
  • Provides a complete inventory of all surgical assets

Onsite for the entire training process

  • When our team leaves you will be ready to begin
    utilizing solutions that can help you increase
    department efficiency and transparency

Custom training based on client needs

  • Managers/Super Users
  • Operating Room Staff
  • Technicians

Complete verification of your hardware for effective training

  • Support facility with deployment of hardware

Daily training for department leadership on reporting

  • Customized Reporting
  • Exception Reporting
  • Dashboard Configuration

Dedicate post training checklist providing department team confidence the entire staff is prepared to Go-Live

  • User Guides
  • Training Attendee Lists
  • Transition Guide

Project Management Focused on You

Our certified (PMP, CSPDT, CRCST) and experienced project management team with over 45 years of experience is dedicated to helping your facility properly scope and launch your new solutions. Key areas this team will focus on to make sure you are set-up for success include:

  • Fully customized project plan created for each facility or IDN Network
  • Collaborate with facility to ensure proper department layout to maximize workflow efficiency
  • Wrap the Censis portfolio of solutions around your workflow to optimize your department
  • Identify optimal scan locations to support your department in creating a completely transparent environment
  • Prepare complete on-site multi-week training plan using dedicated Censis training team members

Data Optimization: Performance Consulting

Over time, inconsistencies will build up within a facility’s inventory data, such as duplicate instruments with different descriptions. As instrument manufacturers constantly update products, it can be tough for facilities to consistently input acceptable substitutes for their instruments.

While it may not be obvious on the surface, data discontinuity can quickly diminish a facility’s overall efficiency. With our Data Optimization service, Censis will deeply analyze your inventory data and make the necessary updates to your catalog, including images. 

  • Normalize and standardize vendor names and catalog numbers to increase count sheet and peel pack accuracy.
  • Remove vendor and catalog number duplicates, decreasing container assembly times.
  • Add images to the product catalog, which increases container accuracy.
  • Analyze your product catalog for potential substitutes, reducing instrument errors during assembly.
  • Identify and upload acceptable substitutes for count sheet items, which reduces instrument reprocessing costs.

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