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ScopeTrac™ Advanced manages the entire endoscope reprocessing loop. In addition to providing staff with accurate, up-to-date processes for each endoscope type, the system documents and captures data necessary for inventory maintenance and tracking, regulatory compliance, and advanced analytics. See how an endoscope reprocessor system can benefit your facility.

endoscope reprocessing
Efficiency & Accuracy
  • Quick access to IFUs & reprocessing instructions
  • Essential information such as hang time expiration on custom labels
  • Advanced analytic reports
Regulatory Requirements
  • Captures data for leak test and disinfection process
  • Records and stores load results
  • Documents HLD load recalls with notes
Workflow Transparency
  • Updates location status
  • Keeps track of loaner scopes
  • Links endoscope to individual cases

ScopeTrac Advanced Analytics

ScopeTrac provides comprehensive, real-time management reports that can be run on-demand and provide visibility at both summary and detailed levels. Endoscope reprocessor report customization options include the ability to:

  • Specify any combination and sequence of data fields
  • Filter data based on user-selected values
  • Hide data fields not required in the customer report
  • Set up exception reporting that can alert users via email of issues requiring attention

In Decontamination

ScopeTrac identifies endoscopes through barcode scanning technology, or by the user selecting a specific scope from a drop-down list. The system will immediately display customer-generated and/or manufacturer PDF’s, pictures, videos or other media with instructions for proper endoscope reprocessing of that specific endoscope type.

endoscope reprocessing
endoscope reprocessing

In the Clean Room

ScopeTrac again displays scope-specific, customer-generated and/or manufacturer instructions related to high-level disinfection (HLD) and sterilization for the user to follow step by step. Once the HLD load is complete, ScopeTrac stores the load results allowing optional notes to be added and calculates hang time expiration dates for comprehensive electronic record keeping.

In Clean Storage

As items are scanned into storage, items currently available can be accessed from any workstation by authorized users. If a user attempts to scan a recalled asset into storage, the system will warn the user that the asset has been recalled and needs to be reprocessed. The endoscope reprocessor system allows your facility to track each item.

endoscope reprocessing
endoscope reprocessing

In Procedural Rooms

By scanning the endoscope barcode on the asset itself, or by entering the endoscope serial number into the system, ScopeTrac allows the user to link a specific scope to a specific patient case and store this information as part of the scope history.

How ScopeTrac Advanced Can Help Your Facility?