The Three Benefits to Standardizing Your Surgical Tracking Software

Health systems around the world are focused on increasing clinical quality and standards of care. As the Sterile Processing Department (SPD), you can make an impact on both by standardizing your health system to the Censis portfolio.

Below are three major benefits of why standardizing your surgical tracking software to Censis can benefit your entire system:

Access Systemwide Information / Easily manage large complexities of data

By standardizing your health system to the Censis product portfolio, you have access to systemwide information. Whether locating a tray (loaners included) or staying up-to-date on staff productivity in real-time; why look to outside services or add-on tools when you already have a complete system to support you?

Maximize Staff Productivity / Increase Evidence-Based Resources

When you standardize your surgical tracking software, department efficiency will be more visible through an evidence-based approach. By utilizing your systemwide access through the Censis portfolio, you can clearly see the productivity pathway of everyone in your department. From system-wide visibility, your educators can create department-specific competency training resulting from evidence-based department needs.

Transparent Department Logistics / Standardized Quality of Care

Standardizing your health system to the Censis portfolio isn’t simply about cost saving. It is first and foremost focused on improving and maintaining the quality of care within your system. In order to ensure quality results, you must have visibility into each of your SPDs. From process to productivity, standardization is made easier when you can see the real-time logistical journey of your surgical instruments, staff, and everything in between to ensure the quality of care begins and ends in your department.

Standardize Your Health System with the Censis Portfolio.

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